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Lancaster bomber command
The story of World War II Bomber Command as told by Lancaster navigator, Tasmanian Max Sanders.

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Frank Madill Memoirs Warts and All Series


If You Faint, Fall Backwards! Medicine: Warts and All

If You Faint, Fall Backwards! is a book which should be prescribed reading for those feeling that time has overlooked them. It is a book of warming good medicine.
Christopher Bantick - Sunday Tasmanian
Frank Madill ends his story buying a run-down farm at Nunamara and is all set to write another book about that. If its as entertaining as this one it will be worth waiting for.
Noel Shaw - The Launceston Examiner

These are stories about a time when the family doctor was more than just a physician: he was a councellor, an arbiter, a confidante and a friend.
Dr Harry Cooper
‘If you faint, fall backwards!’ depicts a country practice at its best - funny, sad, inspiring, reflective and, above all human. If you have ever wondered what life is really like as a country GP, then look no further. Pour a cup of something soothing, sit back and enjoy the journey.
Elaine Harris
Many and varied, these entertaining and evocative stories make very enjoyable reading and give a good insight into the life of a general practitioner and also the Tasmania of the day.
Dr John Morris
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Scales Rainbike