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Lancaster bomber command
The story of World War II Bomber Command as told by Lancaster navigator, Tasmanian Max Sanders.

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Frank Madill Memoirs Warts and All Series

Book 3 - Warts and All

Why Politics Doctor?

"Why on earth would you to leave medicine to go into politics?"
After twenty years in a busy general practice, Frank Madill decided to throw his successful medical career and attempt to win a seat in the Parliament of Tasmania.
His story gives an insight into one man's experience of our parliamentary system and the characters and situations he encountered on the way.
Frank's switch to the weird and wonderful world of politics makes fascinating and often hilarious reading.
Full of wonderful characters and anecdotes as well as an insight into the working of Parliament and parliamentarians, Frank Madill's third memoir tells of his early years as a government and opposition backbencher. It gives a personal, humorous and often revealing view of a job the often despised by the public and misrepresented by the media.
Josie Riches has illustrated Why Politics Doctor? The book also contains cartoons by Graeme Dazeley.
The Launceston book launch was officially launched on 27th March 2009.
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Why Politics Doctor? Why Politics Doctor?
Graeme Dazeley Cartoons