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Lancaster bomber command
The story of World War II Bomber Command as told by Lancaster navigator, Tasmanian Max Sanders.

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Lancaster Bomber Command

Sanders DFC Out Of The Darkness


Max Sanders' remarkably clear recollections and Frank Madill's now well-practised writing skills make an exciting reading, reliving each of the operations and recreating what life was like for these brave young men.
It's an all tasmanian book, lavishly illustrated; a credit to Bokprint, Launceston.
Noel Shaw - Launceston Examiner
Madill, whose three previous books were memoirs of his time as a doctor, politician and farmer; handles the subject well, delivering an informative and compelling story.
Madill handles the atmosphere well, describing the tension and fears of the crew before and during missions
Reg Watson - Sunday Tasmanian
Sanders DFC Out of the Darkness is the well told story of an ordinary young man and his brave comrades who endured one of the most dealy conflicts in World War 2.
North East Advertiser
Tour of Ops 5
Tour of Ops 5
Crew Briefing
Crew Briefing