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Lancaster bomber command
The story of World War II Bomber Command as told by Lancaster navigator, Tasmanian Max Sanders.

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Lancaster Bomber Command

Sanders DFC Out Of The Darkness

Their casualty rate was horrendous - six out of every ten who flew were killed. Their courage in the face of almost certain death was extraordinary.
The book tells the story of one man and the crew that flew with him. It is a story of fortitude, comradeship and the unwavering confidence each had in the other. Unable and unwilling to talk about his experiences in the night skies over Germany, Max Sanders' story remained in the darkness of his memory until forty five years after the war when he met again the men who, in the time of greatest peril were true brothers in arms.
Max Sanders was an ordinary suburban lad who, like many others, became caught up in the great conflict that was World War II. He was born and educated in Launceston, Tasmania and, while still at school, joined the local newly formed Cadet Air Training Unit. In 1943 he volunteered to join the RAAF and was accepted into the Empire Air Training Scheme.
After courses at several training bases in Australia, he found himself on the other side of the world in the UK where he completed his training as a navigator. At 19 years of age, he flew in Lancaster bombers with the Royal Canadian Air Force 419 (Moose) Squadron and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for gallantry in action.
This is the story of Max Sanders' early life and training; and his experiences, along with those of his crewmates, during their perilous tour of duty with Bomber Command in the skies over Germany in 1944.
It is an inspiring story of endurance, courage and the bond between wartime brothers in arms.
Max and mates
Max and mates
Lancaster Bomber
Lancaster Bomber
Lancaster Flyover
Lancaster Flyover