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Lancaster bomber command
The story of World War II Bomber Command as told by Lancaster navigator, Tasmanian Max Sanders.

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About Frank Madill

Frank Madill was born in 1941 at Pakenham Bush Nursing Hospital, 50km east of Melbourne. After graduating from Melbourne University in 1965, he moved to Launceston to complete his medical training and then spent nearly twenty years as a full-time GP in the Northern Suburbs.
Somehow he found time to run a Romney sheep stud as well.
He was elected a state parliamentarian in 1986 and continued to practise medicine part-time until he became a Minister in 1992 and Speaker of the House in 1996. He retired from parliament in 2000 and has practised medicine part time since then.
In 2004, Frank began part-time lecturing at the University of Tasmania and he also lectures at the Martime College.
Since 2004 he has had a regular segment on ABC Northern Tasmania radio with Elaine Harris entitled 'Medicine - Then and Now'.
In 2005, Frank's best selling book, If You Faint, Fall Backwards! MEDICINE: WARTS and ALL, marked his successful entry into his fourth profession: that of author.
Frank launched his most recent book in September 2011 - a biography titled SANDERS DFC OUT OF THE DARKNESS.


  • Batchelor Medicine, Batchelor Surgery
    Melbourne 1965
  • Fellow of Royal Australian College of General Practitioners 1970
  • Member of Australian Society for Hypnosis
  • Certificate of Superannuation Trusteeship Macquarie University


  • Resident Medical Officer
    Launceston General Hospital
    1966 - 1967
  • Full-time General Practitioner
    Northern Suburbs Medical Service
  • Member for Bass
    Elected to the Parliament of Tasmania in the House of Assembly in the second Gray Liberal Government
  • Chairman of Government Health, Education and the Arts and Housing Committees
    1986 - 1989
  • Minister for Housing
    Minister for Youth Affairs
    Minister for Consumer Affairs

    June 1989
  • Tasmanian Government Representative at the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Conference
    May 1990 in the United Kingdom
  • Shadow Minister for Police & Emergency Services
    Shadow Minister Youth Affairs

    July 1989 - February 1992
  • Minister for Roads &Transport
    February 1992 - February 1993
  • Minister for Police & Emergency Services
    1992 - 1996
  • Minister for Consumer Affairs
    Minister for Multicultural & Ethnic Affairs
    Minister Assisting the Premier in the Groom Liberal Government

    February 1993 - February 1996
  • Speaker of the House Assembly
    Elected in April 1996
  • Presiding Officers & Clerks Conference
    1996 in Hobart
  • Presiding Officers & Clerks Conference
    July 1997 in Nauru
  • Presiding Officers & Clerks Conference
    1998 in Sydney
  • Member Australasian Study of Parliament Group
  • Ex Officio Chairman of Parliamentary Superannuation Trust
  • Shadow Minister for Health & Human Services
    Multicultural & Ethnic Affairs
    Tasmania Fire Service
    Racing & Gaming
    Opposition Whip

    1998 - 2000
  • Retired from Politics
    March 2000
  • Assistant, Northern Suburbs Medical Service
    July 2000 -
  • Lecturer - Department of Human Life Sciences
    January 2004 UTAS -
  • Visiting Lecturer - Australian Maritime College
    July 2004 -
  • Visiting Lecturer - Sydney University Medical School

Life Memberships

  • North Launceston Football Club
  • Mowbray Cricket Club
  • Bell Bay Seafarer's Mission
  • Saints Softball Club
Frank Madill
Frank is married to Linda and has two daughters, Christine and Catherine.
Frank has been involved with a large number of community organisations including Citizen Advocacy, The Launceston Players, Motorcycle Riders Associations, Launceston Pacing Club and Wattle Group, just to name a few.
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